Shopping List
Shopping List

With reporting, you can keep your expenses under control for both groceries and any other products you manage with Shopping List.

To be able to use reporting, you must use shopping sessions (see previous page).

To open the reporting feature, touch "Session archive" in Shopping.

You can specify a date range and the report style. Note: version 1.0 has a bug so you can't choose the start date; it's fixed with version 1.1

Reports Report types
The summary report style gives you a summary of all the information. It's useful for performing monthly or weekly analysis on your shopping and spending patterns.

The report shows :

  • The total amount spent;
  • The number of shopping sessions;
  • The number of different shops you visited;
  • The number of items (as well as "different items," which indicates how many unique items you purchased);
  • The number of products (as well as "different products," which indicates how many unique products you purchased);
While the most useful information probably is the total amount, the others can definitely give you insight into your shopping and spending patterns...
Report summary

The details reports shows the same informations as above but detailed by shop or by date.
Reports Reports

If you are interested in the amount you've spent only, you can choose the amount reports by shop or by date.

Reports Reports

or the compact version that shows totals only.

Reports Reports

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