Shopping List
Shopping List
Using shopping list

Let's see what you can do with the shopping list.

To check off an item, just touch on the empty box. If you want to remove a check you can touch it. To prevent unwanted un-checking, the app will ask you to confirm that you want to remove the check.

If you want you can enable in the preferences a sound or vibration when you check off an item.

Shopping List Shopping List

Touch the "More" button to see a list of actions you can execute.

You can remove all items, remove only checked items, change the way the items are shown and send the list using the built-in Mail Application.
There is also a button that can, depending on your preference setting, add one existing item or add a new item. See the previous page for this features.

Please note that if you are using shopping sessions, the checked items should be removed when you close the session (and in fact they are automatically removed). So don't use the remove all or remove checked actions if you are using shopping sessions.

More actions

Using view options you can customize the list view.

You can choose whether you want to view the checked items or you may hide them if you prefer. This can be useful if you have a very long list.

You can also choose if you want to see all the items and products, only the items and products the software knows you can find in the current shop or the latter with also unassigned items i.e. the items the app does not know where you can buy.

If you apply a filter, the screen title will be List (filtered) so you know that the items you are seeing can be only a part of the complete list.

There is an option in the preferences to choose if you want these options reset to default on every shopping session or if you want that they are maintained between sessions.

Shopping List Shopping List
The last customization you can choose is the ordering of the items in the list.

You can order the items by name, by name with the unchecked items shown first, by shop position, by shop position with unchecked items shown first or by item group.

Ordering by shop position uses an heuristical function to try to sort the list to show the items in the order you usually pick them in the shop. This function requires the use of Shopping Sessions that we'll see later.

Shopping List Shopping List

When you close the app, its icon will show how many unchecked items remain.


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