Shopping List
Shopping List
Adding to shopping list

To see and modify your shopping list, touch the List button on the bottom button bar.
The list shows the items and products, a box where you can put a check to mark items off, any note you may have entered and the barcode (if available).
The list appearance is personalizable. We'll see how.

The list can be edited the same way as the other lists, by touching the edit button.

To add an item or product to the list there are three methods: you can enter one existing item with an optional note, many existing items without notes (you can always add a note later) or one new item with an optional note.

It's best to use the one item add feature (new or existing) if you enter items as you consume them. On the other hand, it's easier to use the add many feature if you check everything that you need before you go out shopping.

Shopping List

To add multiple items at a time, touch the button with three plus signs.

You'll see a list of items and products. Only items and products that you don't already have in the list are shown.

If you have previously bought an item, the app shows when you last bought it (you have to use shopping session to enable this feature).

You can select one or more items by touching them. You'll see a small checkmark on the right telling that the item will be added. Touching a checked item will remove the check.

You can also filter the list using the search bar. Just enter one or more letters and only the items and products which start with those letters are shown. Please note that, when the list is filtered, checked rows are saved even if you don't see them anymore.

To see all the items again, just cancel the search.

At the top of the list, you'll always see how many items you have checked.

When you have finished, touch "Done" and the checked items will be added to the list.

Add many Add many

To add a new item, touch the button with a single plus sign. Please note that the plus button can be configured in the preference to open the third add method. The last method, i.e. those not associated to the plus button, is available as an option of the More button.
So, with the default configuration, touch the plus button and the add new form will appear.

The form contains a name field, a group field and a note field.

The note field can be used to enter a free form note that will be shown on the list.

The group field should contain the group where you want the new item to be created.

In the name field just type the new item name. Note that as long as you type, the button under the name shows a search result that tells you if there already exist some items with that initial letters. If you touch the button you can also see them and, if the item you want is in fact already present you can choose it.

This feature helps you to not enter one item more than once. Maybe you have already entered the item before but you forgot it. Please note that if you have entered the group, the search is done in that group only; if the group is empty the search is done on all items.

If you choose an existing item the screen changes to the add one existing item screen (see below) and there you can complete your action.

Add one Add one
Add one Add one

To add one item at a time, touch the more button and than touch Add single item. As said above in the preference you can assign this action to the plus button and have the add new item action go to the more button.

You'll see a form where you can choose the item, optionally choose the product (if available) and enter a note such as the quantity or color, etc...

Touching the item field opens the item search.

You can choose to show the group first and then the items, or all the items. Make your choice with the More button (the one with three dots). If you want you can also specify the default mode in the preferences.

You can filter the list with the search bar. When you've found the item you want to add, just touch it.

To enter a note, just touch the note field.

You can always make changes simply by touching the field you want to change.

Add one Add one
Add one Add one

If you want to choose a specific product, just touch the product field.

If you have already choosen an item, only that item's products are shown. If you haven't choosen an item all the products are shown. If you have choosen an item that does not have any products, the product field is not active.

When the list of products is shown, you can choose to filter the list by name or by barcode using the "More" button.

Add one

To add the item or product to the list, touch "Done".

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