Shopping List
Shopping List
Touch the Shops button and the Shops archive opens.

Shops are used in all the advanced features of the app. In fact, if you don't want to use the reporting, sorting, and the other features related to shopping sessions you can skip entering any shop data at all.

To enter a new shop just press the plus button. The shop list is managed the same way of the other lists (see previous page).

The Shop form contains the shop name,a button to optionally link a contact, the shop location and a button to update the location or to show the shop on the Maps application. There is also some other information that will be explained when we talk about the shopping sessions.

You can link a shop to a contact in your address book. This can be useful since in the address book contact form you can enter the phone number and other info (open hours, ....). You can also call the shop with a touch on the phone number.

Touching "Choose contact" when editing a new shop or "Change current contact" when editing an existing shop you can pick the shop contact in a list similar to the one you'll find in the Contacts application.
Scroll or search to find the contact to link and touch it.

When not in editing mode the button says "Show contact" and touching it you can see the contact screen where you can place a call or see extended informations.

The location is shown as latitude and longitude. The numbers don't mean anything to most of us but when you touch the "Show in Maps" button, the Maps app opens, pointing directly to the shop.

The "Show in Maps" button is shown when the screen is not in editing mode. When in editing mode the "Update Location" button is shown.
To update the location, just touch the "Update Location" button when you are standing in front of the shop. Using the iPhone or iPod hardware the location should be updated in a few seconds. It may be more or less precise, depending on the hardware component used to get it.
You can also manually enter the location (maybe using google maps on your computer to get latitude and longitude) if you want.

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