Shopping List
Shopping List
Groups, Items and Products

On the bottom end of the screen there is a button bar that you can use to switch between the main areas of the application.

button bar

The List area is where you manage your shopping list, the Shopping area is where you find shopping session related features, the Items area is used to manage your items archive, and the Shops is where you find the stores archive.

The first thing you should do is to enter some items. Please note that the app does not come with a set of preloaded items. This is intentional, for at least two reasons: first, every user should find their own preferred way to catalog the items and second, no two people will shop for the exact same items. Leaving the items list empty saves you the time of having to delete a long list of items you'll never purchase - and then still be faced with entering the items you do need. Thus, it's both quicker and more personal to enter items as you need them, than to have a long list of items written by someone else that maybe you don't even need.

Touch the Items button and the Items archive opens.

Here you will see all your item groups. You can choose to group Items by type, by usage, by name ... its your choice.

The groups are shown in alphabetical order and you can scroll the list as you usually do (for example with iPhone contacts).

To insert a new group, simply touch the plus button in the top-right corner.
The Group form will appear. Please note that many forms in the application will have this same appearence.

The "back" button is located in the top-left corner. Touching that button will cancel any editing you may have done to the form data.

In the top-right corner there is a button that changes from "Done" to "Edit", depending upon the action being performed. When this button says "Done", it means you have unsaved edits in the form, and you must touch "Done" to confirm any changes you have made to the form data. If this button says "Edit", you must touch it to access the editing mode where you can actually change your data.

This may seems complicated, but it prevents changing data unintentionally.

When adding a new item the form is already in editing mode.

To edit a value, just touch it. The item group form has only one value, the group name.

Touching the field you want to edit will bring up the keyboard in all the application fields. So, for example, to create the "Fruit" group, you would have to enter "Fruits" and touch "Done".

Note: The behaviour was different in version 1.0 where a new screen with the keyboard appeared when editing fields.
new group

Now let's see how you can edit your groups.

In the top-left corner of the group list is the "Edit" button. Touch it and you'll put the list into editing mode. The standard red "minus" button at the left of every row will display the "delete" button if touched. The blue button on the right can be touched to edit the row value. If you touch the blue button the same form you used to enter the group will be shown. Just use it as described above. Remeber to touch "Done" to confirm the editing.

groups groups editing

Every group should contain some items. To see the items a group contains just touch on the group name when the group list is not in editing mode.

This list can be managed in the same way as the group list. Please note that in this screen, since the top-left corner shows the "back" button to come back to the group list, the "edit" button is shown on the right, near the plus button.

Also note that the Item form has three values: the item name, the "manage products" switch and the group selector.

The "Manage Products" switch activates the possibility to enter many specific products. For example, for the item "Kitchen cleaner", you may have different types of kitchen cleaner you use. If so, you will want to enter each of them. Then, when you go shopping, you can add the generic item to the shopping list or the specific product. We'll see more on products later.

The "Group" selector can be used to choose the group where the item belongs. When you add a new item this field is prefilled with the group you where in when you touched the plus button. However you can change it if you want. Just touch the group name and the group list appears. Touch the group you want and it will be selected.
When you edit an existing item using the Group selector you can move items between groups.

items new item
items items editing

If you want to see and edit the list of specific products associated with an item, just touch the item name when the item list is not in editing mode.

As you may guess, this list can be managed the same way as the Items list.

The product form contains the product name and the product barcode. The barcode can be used to search the product when adding to the shopping list. When barcode-recognition technology becomes more reliable, you will be able to scan the barcode with the integrated camera of the iPhone (test shows that with the current camera it's too difficult to take good photos to recognize the barcode, so it's more quick to enter some digits on the keyboard).

items new item

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