Shopping List
Shopping List

Have you ever gone shopping, bought two or more items you already have, but forgotten to buy what you really need?
Shopping List will help you when making shopping lists and when shopping, with many features and a simple interface. You can use Shopping List either as a simple checklist or as a full featured shopping assistant.
Maintains lists of Item Groups, generic Items and optionally specific products
  • The software maintains a list of groups of items (for example Fruits, Vegetables, Household, etc.) that you can use to divide your items and products archive.

  • When you add items to the shopping list you can choose the group first and than the item or you can choose from the complete items list.

  • Every group can contain Items (for example the Fruits group can contain Oranges, Apples, etc.). Items represent a “generic” product, so you should use them when you are not interested in a specific kind of product.

  • Every item can contain specific products (for example, the Household group can contain the Kitchen cleaner item that can contain Acme Power Degreaser and XYZ Multi Action.

  • The shopping list can contain items and products so you can be specific when needed and generic otherwise.

Manages shops with GPS location and shows in Maps where they are
  • You can manage a list of shops with name and location. Shops are used to track where you buy items so the software can help you save time by planning the route for your shopping trip. Using the Maps application the shopping list app can show you where a shop is.

  • Shops are used in all the advanced features of the app (see below).

Remembers where you buy items so you can filter your list by current shop
  • The software can remember where you buy items. This can be used in many ways. You can filter a long shopping list by shop. That way it's easier to check the items as you pick them since only items you can find in the current shop are shown.

  • There is also an option to show items that are not associated with any shop, which is useful when you've just started to use the software and your archive is nearly empty.

Shows the list items in the order you usually pick them in the shop
  • The shopping list can be ordered by name or by item position. The position is heuristically calculated and should get better every time because the formula uses all your shopping history. If the shop rarely changes the item location you'll find this feature very useful when you have a long shopping list. You can also choose to show unchecked items first either ordered by name or position.

When adding to list, shows the last time you bought each item
  • This feature is simple but very helpful... When adding items to the shopping list, the app will tell you when you last bought that item. So if you compose your shopping list without checking at home to see what you have (and what you need), you can still avoid buying the items you already have. You can also look at this information when you are in the shop and you see something you may think you don't have at home.

Tells where you have to go to buy items
  • The app can tell you where you should go to buy the items you have in the list. Shops where you must go (because at least one item can be bought only there) are emphasized. You also see the distance to the shops so you can choose to go to one shop instead of another.

Keeps total amount spent and other statistics and shows reports in various formats
  • You can store the total amount you spend in every shop, if you want. This can be used to build reports, by date or by shops. You can choose the dates range and report format from the five provided.

Sends list to others
  • The shopping list can be emailed to others. Tighter integration between users of the app is a planned feature which will be available when details on the new Apple MobileMe and Push service are revealed.

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Version 1.3 is available on the Apple iTunes App Store.
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